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Ingredients: Oat, Peas, Alfalfa-Meal, Sunflower-Meal, Barley, Advanced Horse Micro/Vitamin Pack, Dicalcium Phosphate, Mineral Salt, Palm Fat, Canola Oil, Magnesium, Amino Acids, Yeast, Probiotics, Garlic, Nutra-Mix(Detoxifier)


Horse Ration

Formulated top nutritionists for optimal health performance, can be fed based on individual need, for working, competition horses, any life stage and to improve/maintain body condition all around. 

Made with proven natural ingredients and small-batch milled for pure fresh feed, preferred by your horses. Fresh whole-grain-milled based feed that is highly digestible and preferred by horses. 

- ZERO Soy, Corn and Beet Pulp

- No Added Sugar 

- Added Prebiotics and Probiotics

- With Garlic and Mineral Salt

- True 16% protein.

- Milled for easy intake and highest absorption of nutrition.

- No fillers, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.

- Formulated by a nutritionist for optimal horse health.

- 100% Complete Feed - No additional supplements required!

Available Sizes   

- XL-22kg-Bag $31.98

- 1000kg Bulk-Tote Bags. Call For Pricing. Only available through Farmstead Life in Red Deer, AB

Delivery is available for a fee. Call For Pricing