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Broiler/Meat Bird

Our Jumbo Cornish Cross is the most remarkable meat-producing chicken we offer. These broiler chickens are known for their remarkable, rapid growth and feed efficiency. Whether you are looking to raise these top-selling meat birds for your own pleasure, or to raise and sell, you won't find better.

Females will have a fine, smooth finish when dressed and reach beautiful roasting size. Buying straight-run chicks give you some of each sex so that you can take advantage of the strong points both ways. Males will dress from three to four pounds in six to eight weeks, and females will take about one and a half weeks longer to reach the same size.

We think Jumbo Cornish Cross are among the finest meat birds in America — we fill our own family freezers with them every year! 





Pre-Order For Aug 26th

4-Week-Old Broiler


Young Hens

Farmstead Brown Laying Hen/Pullets

Our top-selling Lay Hen. The Farmstead Brown is known to be docile, hardy, and extremely easy to work with, making them an excellent first-time chicken owner breed of choice. They are known as a prolific layer and do well in backyard flocks, pastured, and egg operations. The Farmstead Browns have an excellent quality beautiful brown shelled egg. When they are hatched, the pullets are red and the cockerels are white,  helping us determine females from males. 

After a brief adjustment period to your farm, with proper care and quality feed, they will lay your family lots of beautiful brown eggs.

Vaccination & Hatchery Practice Information:

We vaccinate for a few strains of Newcastle disease and Bronchitis virus, mixed together. We vaccinate for A.E. (Avian encephalomyelitis) also known as Tremors. And the chicks are vaccinated for Mareks disease at the hatchery. We also draw blood work checking antibodies in our pullets to ensure the healthiest birds possible. It is standard practice for the hatcher to laser beak trim all hens. This is a practice for hens going into a commercial setting, is painless for the hens, and does not impact their health or productivity. 

AGE AT PICK-UP: 19 to 25 Weeks



Pick Up In Red Deer

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Young Hen


At Farmstead Life we offer a variety of Commercial Layer and Meat birds as well as a few Heritage Breeds.

Layer Breeds ~ Commercial Production Layers

We offer Ready-to-Lay Pullets also known as Pont-of-Lay Pullets. All pullets around 20 weeks old at the time of sale, either have just started to lay or will be starting to lay shortly. Pullets are available regally from February through to October. We also offer 1yr old Laying Hens are only available once a year in October. You can rest assured your getting Hens with our "100% NO ROOSTER Guarantee" our pullets and hens are sexed, you don't have to worry about getting roosters.

Meat-Type Breeds ~ Commercial Fast Maturing Meat Birds

All our meat-type birds come to you STARTED, fully done brooding, and "Off-Heat"!! This means you avoid the expensive, time consuming, and risky brooding stage. No brooder required, No unsafe heat lamps needed, No expense chick feed or equipment. Our birds come to your farm ready to finish on pasture or in a contained farming system. You SAVE time and money!! All our meat-type birds come from commercial lines, providing you with fast weight gain for an earlier finishing time and larger body types compared to the slower-growing heritage breeds.

Heritage Breeds ~ The ideal breeds for a self-sufficient homestead

We take pride in our conservation efforts in keeping true Heritage breeds. Breeds are known for their hardy nature, naturally reproducing and broody tendencies. Diversity is key on our farm. We believe in keeping hardy, versatile, heritage poultry lines. Many of our birds have broody tendencies, love to forage and free-range. These heritage breeds are the ideal asset to any backyard, farmer, or homestead seeking a pet or for food independence. We offer hatching eggs (waitlist) as well as young chicks (when available).