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Ingredients: Wheat, Barley, Peas, Seed Protein Meal, Calcium, Seed Oil, Salt, Lysine, Vitamin Pack, Threonine, Nutra Mix, Choline Chloride, Probiotic, Methionine

Nursing Sow

100% complete and balanced nutrition formulated with quality protein for nursing sows. Balanced with vitamins, and minerals to support a nursing mom and health growth of piglets - without medication. This feed can be safely fed to Sows and their piglets. This product offers you a 100% complete ration that supports healthy growth, no other supplements required.

- True 17% protein.

- Milled for easy intake and highest absorption of nutrition.

- No fillers, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.

- Formulated by a nutritionist for a healthy start

- 100% Complete Feed - No other supplements required!

Feeding Instructions

Can be fed a sole ration to nursing/lactation sow, safe for piglets to eat. Start feed as soon as Sow is bred until piglets are weaned. 

Available Sizes

- XL 22kg Bags $20.00

- 2200lb BulkTote Bag. Call for Pricing *Delivery available for a fee.