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Black Soldier 

Fly Larve

A nourishing daily snack as nature intended for our feathered friends. Natur's-Grub Black Soldier Fly Larvae are a sustainable, farm-fresh protein, proudly grown 100% and safety tested in Canada. Natur's-Grub's are fed a healthy diet of fruits, veggies & grains. Your flock will flip over this healthy snack, that benefits with nutrients and minerals for healthier feathers and stronger eggshells, plus an added protein boost. These are great boredom busters! 

Size ~ Price !!Buy-More & Save-More!!!

  • SML - 0.5lbs (227 g) ~ $9.98
  • MED - 1lbs (453 g) ~ $12.98 ($13/lbs)
  • XLG - 5lbs-Bag (2.3 kg) ~$49.98 ($10/lbs)
  • XXXXL - 20lbs (9 kg) (4x5lbs) ~ $159.98 ($8/lbs)