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Vaccination & Barn Practices Information:

Due to additional concerns about Avian Flu (AI), we are testing for Avian Flu (AI) prior to them leaving our bio-secure barn. We vaccinate for strains of Newcastle disease and Bronchitis virus, mixed together. We vaccinate for A.E. (Avian encephalomyelitis) also known as Tremors. And the chicks are vaccinated for Mareks disease at the hatchery. We also perform blood work testing to check antibodies in our pullets to ensure the healthiest birds possible. It is standard practice for the hatcher to laser beak trim all hens. This is a practice for hens going into a commercial setting, is painless for the hens, and does not impact their health or productivity. Our hens are also tested for salmonella prior to selling them, our barn tests multiple times a year as a standard practice.

100% Hen Guarantee

Farmstead Brown 


Meet our Famous, Top-Selling Lay Hens. The Farmstead Brown is known to be docile, hardy, and extremely easy to work with, making them an excellent first-time chicken owner breed of choice. They are known for their prolific laying and do well in backyard flocks, pastured, and egg operations. The Farmstead Brown lays an excellent quality, beautiful brown shelled eggs, with a lay rate upto 300/yr.

At pick-up hens are just starting to lay, after a brief adjustment period to your farm, with proper care and quality feed, they will lay your family or customers lots of beautiful brown eggs. 

~ AGE AT PICK-UP: 18 to 22 Weeks


~ LAY RATE: 300/YR



~ Across Central Alberta

~ Contact To Become a Dealer!


Where To Buy

Red Deer ~ Farmstead Life Feed and Supply

Call/Text (403) 596-5655

Calmar (Leduc) ~ Ranchmart

Call To Order (780) 940-3327

Strathmore (Calgary) ~ Rocking Horse Industries Ltd

Call To Order (403) 324-4224

Whitecourt ~ McNaughton Funny Farm 

Feed & Tack

Call To Order (780) 396-9236

Grand Prairie ~ TZH Enterprize

Call To Order (403) 598-7705