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Ingredients: Corn, Barley, Wheat, Seed Protein Meal, Fermented CornPalm Fat, Tallow, Calcium, SaltVitamin Pack, Seed Oil, Sodium Bicarb, Magnesium Yeast, Nutra Mix

Milk Cow 16%

Natural nutritionally balanced Milk Cow Ration with quality protein, vitamins, and minerals for healthy milk productions - without medication. Small batch fresh milled whole-grains-based ration, with a blend of all-natural proteins, vitamins, and minerals to promote optimal milk production. This feed offers you a 100% complete ration that supports healthy milk production, no other supplements required.

- True 15% protein.

- Milled for easy intake and highest absorption of nutrition.

- No fillers, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.

- Formulated by a nutritionist for healthy milk production.

- 100% Complete Feed - No other supplements required!

Available Sizes   

- XL 22kg Bags $20.00

- 1000kg Bulk-Tote Bag. Call for Pricing 

Delivery available for a fee.